Accessibility at SportUni Hervanta

On this page, we inform you how accessibility is taken into account at SportUni Hervanta Tamppi Areena.

Level Accessibility

The ball games area, gym, and changing/showering facilities are accessible without stairs or wheelchair ramps. There is step-free access from the ball games hall to the group exercise room in the extension building. The ground-floor gym and changing/showering facilities in the extension area are accessible either through the extension’s own entrance or via the ball games area. The indoor areas of Tamppi Areena are mostly step-free.

Accessible Restrooms

The accessible restroom in the sports hall is located in the ground-floor locker room corridor. Accessible restrooms in the extension building are available on both the ground floor and upstairs. These restrooms are gender-neutral.

Gender-Neutral Changing Facilities

There is a gender-neutral changing and showering facility In the ground floor of the Festia building which is located adjacent to Tamppi Areena.


Assistants can enter the sports facilities free of charge.

Induction Loops

There are fixed induction loops installed at Tamppi Areena.

Fragrance-Free Policy

We advise our visitors to avoid using strongly scented products to accommodate those suffering from asthma or fragrance sensitivities. However, there are no fragrance-free areas at Tamppi Areena.

Drop-off Zones

Drop-off zones are available at the entrances of Tamppi Areena. Disabled parking spaces are located in front of the main entrance. These spaces offer free parking for up to three hours with a parking disc.


Floor plans are available at the reception area of Tamppi Areena.

Information Desk

Our information desk is in the main lobby and is open during customer service hours. Staff is available to assist with accessibility-related inquiries.