You are welcome to use any of our five gyms during opening hours whenever they are not booked for other use. Please follow the general instructions for gym users and see possible reservations at the Facility Calendar.

You can check the lists of gym equipment below. They give you an idea of what kind of equipment is available.

Equipment lists of SportUni Gyms


Equipment list of Tamppi Areena Hervanta gyms


Equipment list of Kauppi gym

City Centre

Equipment list of Atalpa City Centre gyms


Outdoor gyms

There are outdoor gyms in Hervanta and City Centre campuses. Hervanta outdoor gym is located in front of Tietotalo. The City Centre outdoor gym is located in the courtyard of the Main Building near Atalpa.

Note! City Centre Outdoor gym is reserved for SportUni group exercise on Tuesdays 16.15-17.00.


Get familiar with SportUni Outdoor Gym Programs

Outdoor Gym Program 1: Whole Body

Outdoor Gym Program 2: Upper Body

Outdoor Gym Program 3: Workout for Legs

Outdoor Gym Program 4: Whole Body 2