Credits from Sports Tutoring

Tampere University’s students have a possibility to join a two ects course Sports Tutoring (TAU.M.230) on coming spring. In the universities’ community, a sports tutor offers peer support, enables sports hobbies, and encourages fellow students in their sporty activities. It is possible to do sports tutoring as the person responsible for sports in a guild/association, as a functionary of a sports club or as an individual student. Sports tutor may, for example encourage students to join regular slots and events, enable the operations of sports clubs, organise events or assist SportUni’s services.

The sports tutor drafts a personal tutoring plan, participates in the activities for at least one semester and writes an essay reflecting on his or her experiences of being a sports tutor. Sports tutors are introduced to the roles and tasks of a sports tutor, Tampere Universities’ sports services (SportUni) and other sporting possibilities in the Tampere region.

Course unit enrolment is in Sisu 14.11.-4.1. More information