SportUni offers walk-in sports consultation in Navigaattori

SportUni offers walk-in sports consultation in Navigaattori. Come and meet SportUni's sports coordinators at Navigaattori. This is a good way to come ask questions and chat with a low threshold in matters related to exercise and well-being.

Sports consultation is a service for students of Tampere Universities that is meant to help you find the best way for you to start exercising. Sports consultation is especially aimed at those who are motivated to find a more active lifestyle but need personal help getting started.

We are at Navigaattori for an hour, when it is possible to come for a short visit without an appointment.

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City Centre schedule:

27.9. at 9 – 10

25.10. at 9 – 10

29.11. at 9 – 10

Navigaattori’s facilities in the city centre are in the Linna building’s 2nd floor lobby, next to the library main entrance.

Hervanta schedule

5.10. at 13–14

3.11. at 13–14

8.12. at 13–14

Hervanta’s Navigaattori facilities is room PA209c in the lobby of the 2nd floor of the Main building.