Get excited about online group exercise — Centres are open, book a shift to gym or badminton

SportUni continues to operate under current restrictions on 22 January onwards due to the corona situation in Pirkanmaa. SportUni Centres are open with limited basis – you can book a shift to a gym, badminton and climbing. A shift is reserved for all activities via SportUni Selection calendar.  

The group exercise classes continue online instructed by familiar and professional SportUni instructors. You find classes almost every day of the week and also on morning and day time. You find the schedule on SportUni selection calendar (in mobile under “Other locations”). You can join streamed group exercise classes by joining SportUni Live Facebook group if you have paid the SportUni fee.   

– Via online it is easy and safe to try also those classes you have not attended before. If activating at home feels awkward or you have difficulty to remember the start of the classes, you can schedule a reminder. And keep in mind that with online classes you don’t have to work out for an entire class, because you can join and leave the class at any time. Even a short exercise session is definitely better than nothing! encourages Sini Niskala from SportUni.

– It is also worth using creativity what it comes to equipment. For example  0.5 l-1.5 l water-filled bottles can be used as dumbbels and, of course, bottles can even be filled with sand, which makes them heavier, Niskala says. 

The Regional State Administrative Agency of Western and Inner Finland continued restriction in customer and public premises inside in Pirkanmaa between 22.1.2022 and 4.2.2022 because the corona situation. The decision is based on section 58g of the Communicable Diseases Act.   

Please follow the hygiene guidelines in SportUni Centres:  

  • do not visit the facilities if you are unwell  
  • remember safety distances – avoid close contacts to others  
  • practice good hand hygiene  
  • wear a mask when you are not exercising  
  • clean the equipment after use