SportUni Centres will be opened on a limited basis

SportUni will open all its sports centres in Kauppi, Hervanta and Atalpa in City Centre, on a limited basis on Monday, February 22, 2021. 

The sports centres follow strict corona guidelines during all opening hours and the facilities are only open in a supervised manner. You can find the updated opening hours of each centre in the SportUni facility calendar closer to opening. 

SportUni sports services implement the so-called hybrid model with both on-site and online services. Among SportUni services, only gym training and badminton are possible after opening in our centresSportUni also organizes outdoor exercise courses. Instead, group exercise classes as well as indoor courses are still online services. There are no ball game shifts, regular or open, in the centres.

Training shifts to the gyms will be booked on SportUni selection calendar. There are available only two-hour shifts during which time you should arrive, do your exercises and leave the centre. Badminton shifts are also booked from the selection calendar. 

We will provide more information and instructions during week 7 before opening the centres. 

Please follow the hygiene instructions in SportUni Centres 

  • Train 100 % healthy 
  • Use mask at least in the lobbies and dressing rooms 
  • Wash and disinfect your hands  
  • Remember safety distances
  • Clean equipment after use 

The stable coronavirus situation and the efforts to ensure health and safety will allow the very restricted and controlled reopening of SportUni sports centres. By providing access to SportUni’s supervised sports services and facilitating outdoor sports, we support the well-being of our students and staff. The pandemic group emphasises that strict adherence to the guidelines and restrictions in the sports centres is a requirement for the centres to remain open.