SportUni Open House from 28 Aug to 3 Sep – come and try different sports for free 

Welcome to use SportUni’s sports services during open house week 28 Aug - 3 Sep 2023. 

During the week of Open House, all SportUni services are free of charge, and you can try different sports during the opening hours of the customer services. You can come to the gyms, try group exercise classes, or come to play different ball games such as badminton or basketball. 

For group exercise classes and badminton shifts, sign up with Tuni IDs from SportUni selection calendarYou may bring one person outside of Tuni community to play badminton with you. If your playing partner is not a member of SportUni he/she needs to pay a one-visit-fee, 7 euros. 

When you arrive, show your student/staff card at the reception of SportUni Centre. 

Enrolment on SportUni courses starts also 28 Aug. Notice that if you want to enrol on courses, your SportUni fee has to be paid.  SportUni courses will be published week 33.  

So how to join SportUni – find out more here!